Whether you are for it or not, people judge you instantly by how you look. Your looks, the way you dress and the way you carry yourselves in the public matters when it comes to creating the first impression and it goes without saying that the “first impression is always best impression”. Gone are those days when male grooming only included shaving, styling you hair and wearing clean clothes. Today, male grooming includes lot more things to create that long lasting first best impression. Here are few tips on how to make a best first impression right from the start!


If you want to look your age or younger then it is always advisable to have a reliable skin care regime done. No man wants to look older than their age or even at their age, so a skin care regime can make your skin look young and therefore make you look more attractive for many more years. Today there are many salons for men that offer simple skin care regimes which include exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing. Skin regimes make your skin healthy and glow so take some time out of the day and cleanse your face.


Use products that are made for your type of skin. I can’t stay this enough but it is so very important. It is expected that the skin of a well groomed man is clear and clean. So at first you would need to evaluate the type of your skin and use the products designed for the type. If you are unsure about what type of skin you have, just ask yourself these simple questions: Do you feel oil in your skin? If yes, you have oily skin. Is your skin susceptible to redness and bumps very easily? If yes, you have sensitive skin. No to the last two questions? You can get go for normal or combination skin products as they work pretty similarly. Lastly, apart from creams and lotions, drinking a lot of water and eating nutritional food can give a great boost towards healthy looking skin.


Shaving and hair cut are two things that attract the attention of the people you meet. Hence, it is very important for you to know how to shave and groom your beard perfectly. It is recommended to get your beard trimmed either by yourself or by a barber for maintenance. Getting a haircut that suits your face and hair type is also an important part of male grooming. When getting a haircut done, don’t just get carried away by the latest trend but rather ask the barber if it would fit well on you or not.


Body grooming is also part of male grooming and should not be neglected at any cost as any unpleasant odor from the body or dry scaly skin can easily be seen and create a bad impression of you. Taking showers whenever necessary and using shower gel can keep your skin hydrated without going dry and scaly. Using a good and branded antiperspirant deodorant can keep you fresh all day as well. Check out this video by Philips Norelco on how to shave your body hair.


Eating a healthy and balanced diet keeps you healthy and regular exercise can keep you in good shape. Include lot of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet to enhance the look of your skin and hair. Trim your nails regularly and try to get a manicure done every now and then to keep your fingers soft and supple.

Apart from the above tips, having a killer smile is also a nice way of getting noticed by everyone, so make sure that your smile sparkles by performing regular brushing and flossing. Using mouthwash after every meal will help your breath to stay fresh all day as well. Use these 5 tips and you will see major improvements gentlemen.