Four Crucial Hair Care Tips For Men In Their Thirty’s

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Shiny and bouncy hair is a desire of every man, just ask John Stamos from Full House. The thing is that many guys struggle to get that beautiful hair that all the ladies crave and that is because they simply have bad habits. The truth is that great hair can be easily achieved with a healthy supply of nutrients, vitamins and proteins. Hair care is not just about taking proper care of your hair but also your scalp. Many men encounter hair related problems in their early 30’s. For example: thinning, breakage, and greasiness are some of the more common problems in the early 30s. There are several factors that give rise to hair problems which include age, genetics, illness, pollution, hair products, medications and lifestyle. Following a good hair care routine can prevent hair thinning and promote hair growth. Here are my four most important hair care tips to prevent hair and scalp related problems and promote great follicle health.

Tip#1: Choose the correct shampoo and conditioner

Many men think that any shampoo will be fine for basic cleaning. But this is not right at all; there are different types of shampoos on the market that are designed for different types of hair. Choose a shampoo that best suits your hair texture to prevent excess greasiness or dry hair. The way to find this is by simply reading the labels on the shampoos and see what type of hair they are for. You would be surprised at how many people out there don’t do this. And if you have dandruff problem then it is advisable to use medicated dandruff shampoo to adequately treat your scalp condition. Wash your hair a maximum of three times a week to keep it oil free. Washing hair daily can make your hair dry and brittle and eventually suck the life out of it.


Tip#2: All natural hair care products

John stamos hair care

John Stamos has healthy hair even well over his 30s.

Thinning hair is the most common problem experienced by men in their  30’s. If you are experiencing hair thinning then switch to matte hair styling products that are light and can be easily absorbed giving your hair a little thicker look. But make sure these products are branded and tested ones otherwise they can result in worsening the problem. It is advisable to use alcohol-free hair gels for styling as alcohol dries out the hair and makes the hair strands brittle. Avoid using pomades and creams as they are thick and cannot be washed away easily if you have thinning hair. Furthermore, pick all natural hair products. They are just better for your hair than those chemical based ones.

Tip#3: Eat a Balanced Diet

A balanced and nutritional diet plays a major role in hair care for men in their 30’s. B-Complex, Vitamin C and essential proteins are important for maintaining shiny and healthy hair. Proteins provide strength to the hair shaft and prevent the risk of split ends. Hence, it is very important to include a good amount of protein. Egg hair wash is the age old tip for protein supply to the hair. An adequate amount of B-Complex is required for hair growth, so make sure you include more of vegetables, fruits and whole grains in your diet. Vitamin C plays a prominent role in increasing the strength of the hair. Oranges, Lemon, Lime and berries are great sources of Vitamin C. Apart from the above, Vitamin A also promotes scalp health and Vitamin E improves blood circulation to the scalp which in effect promotes hair growth. Include yellow vegetables, yellow fruits, avocados and nuts to get the required supply of Vitamin A and E. It’s all about eating a healthy and balanced diet guys!


Tip#4: Proper Hair Styling

Styling your hair on a regular basis is equally important when it comes to hair care. Take regular trips to the salon to get your hair trimmed as and when required. Seek advice of your hair stylist before getting a certain hair style done. In the end, this tip is just important for maintaining a style you will be happy to wake up to in the morning.

I hope you learned something important today in that a simple hair care routine in your 30’s cannot only help you in maintaining your hair in an appreciated style, but also prevent thinning and balding from occurring!

Shave or Trim? What’s the better choice for sensitive skin

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We are going to focus on shaving today due to the fact that it is a pivotal part of daily hygiene. Now many of you guys out there have sensitive skin and are probably coming to question if what you are doing is proper. This includes both shaving your face with a razor, or trimming your beard with either a clipper or electric razor. The issue that men face I found was not if what product they were using was proper, but rather if the actual method itself was.

Needless to say, it doesn’t make much of a difference what method you take! It is all about the products you use instead. Now I have sensitive skin too, not as bad as many others have it but it is not rough and rugged by any means. When I first started using those cheap disposable razors or cheap clippers, I noticed that I was getting razor burns all the time. This happens because sensitive skin is very prone to getting razor burn, ingrown hairs, and shaving bumps.

No one wants that. Well I then talked to my dermatologist, and he suggested something that I never thought of before. He basically told me: “Invest in your skin and buy better products and your skin will thank you for that”. I did not understand it at the time and did not think it would make much of a difference, but what do I know since I am not a doctor.

The Truth Was Revealed: Better Products Equals A Safer Shave

Now continuing with the story just for the sake of finishing it; I rushed home and did some research online to find the best rated men’s beard trimmer because at the time I was rocking the facial hair. I found that Panasonic made a trimmer with hypoallergenic blades then, the ER-GB40-S, so I decided to give it a try as the price wasn’t even that high. I was amazed at the difference that a higher quality product made. It turns out that your doctors really do not whats good for you, right?

So the takeaway from this story is that it doesn’t matter what method you prefer to use in order to get that mustache or beard shaved, it depends on what you are using to get there. By no means am I saying to go out and spend over $100, but rather just don’t go cheap. Going cheap really has many disadvantages and it pays (no pun intended) to spend a little extra and get that better safety razor and shaving cream or that clipper.

In the end, you will see an instant difference from the moment you shave and you will have the epiphany that I also had. Now if you just follow that with a great skin care routine, you will never need to go back to a dermatologist again. The key here is to invest in yourself, grab only the higher quality tools, and just enjoy the beauty of having flawless skin; because many guys out there do not and they don’t even make an attempt to solve it.

A Skin Care Routine That Every Man Can Follow

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I often get asked on how I keep my skin so clear and free of acne, pimples, and razor bumps. It is a question that I am getting tired of hearing (in a way!) even though it is meant to be as a compliment. Since beauty is my passion, I am obviously always keeping track of the latest skin care trends and I tend to test around a bit on different products and methods. Since skin care is a pretty major part of beauty, I am obviously inhibited to testing and continuous upkeep of my skin. And I never had perfect skin always. When I was a teenager, I had pimples and breakouts just like every other teen, and that’s normal. So if you are a teenager, you’re kind of out of luck because whatever you do may not be enough until you end puberty. For the older gentlemen, this routine will surely help you very well. So the purpose of this introduction is to let you know the following:

Taking care of your skin is a daily job


You will need to work every day towards achieving perfectly clear skin, it is the only way to have it. Unless you are born very lucky and have great genes that bless you with clear skin, you are just like the rest of us wishers. The routine I will leave below is going to be pretty tedious and will require an overhaul of your current lifestyle. But it’s worth it, I promise.

Step 1:

Use a soap or cleanser depending on the type of skin you have, whether oily, combination, or dry, (must be all natural) and wash your face. Wet your face into a damp state before applying. Wash for about a minute in circular motions or use one of those Clarisonic cleansing machines. Do this once a day every day.

Step 2:

Grab an oil free moisturizer and apply it on your face after washing. This will be your daily moisturizer that you will use daily, so it is a good idea to look for one that lasts for a long time.

Step 3:

Once a week, you need to exfoliate your face with an all natural scrub. I make my own scrub with honey, sugar and strawberries. It is very easy to make and requires literally just mixing these three ingredients together. If you want you can go out and buy one of the pre-made ones but make sure that it is all natural. You must avoid any products that have alcohol in them or other harmful products. A good and easy tip to follow is that if their is no “all natural” in the label, avoid it altogether. The reason for exfoliating is to cleanse your face fully and wipe away all those dead skin cells that are still residing on your face.

Step 4:

If you shave, please follow the proper steps to doing so. Take a hot shower before, do not use a dull razor, and apply shaving cream thoroughly. Do not push hard on the razor, and go slow if you are going against the grain. These simple steps will key those nasty razor bumps away. It is a crucial part in doing so.

Step 5:

The fifth and final step really revolves around your lifestyle. Taking care of your skin is not only just using products and cleansing your skin, but also living a healthy lifestyle overall. You need to drink plenty of water, avoid fatty or foods high in sugar, and get some exercise every other day at least.

This is literally the routine I follow and swear by. If you take these 5 steps and practice them religiously, there is no reason why your skin should not see at least a decent improvement. I have been doing this for about 8 years or so now and I have had clear skin throughout those years. Enough so that people want to keep asking me as to what I do to attain it! If you are not understanding any part of this process, feel free to leave a comment and I will be sure to clear things up for you.